Welcome to my SEO Blog, I, Ron Spinabella will teach you all the SEO tips and tricks that I’ve learned the hard way.

  1. Be Patient, SEO takes time. It can sometimes take months for different pages on your website to start ranking for keywords. Just recently, one of my articles about 18650 Vaping Batteries, started to skyrocket with organic traffic and keywords.
  2. Once you have a page start to get traffic, start to optimize it to make it better. Input your article into the Hemmingway Editor to check for grammar and readability. You want your article to be between a 6-8th grade reading level. Make sure your text size is big enough for your visitors to read. Also make sure there is enough spacing between paragraphs so readers don’t get lost.
  3. Link out to authority sites using in context anchor text so Google can see that you are citing some trusted sources in your content.
  4. Share the article on social media. Get an automated app like Buffer to help you spread the word across all your social media networks.
  5. Try out Quuu Promote, it connects content promoters with real people’s social media accounts who need more content to post in their Niche. It puts your post directly into their buffer account and shares it. I recently did this for one of my clients moveON moving and got great results.
  6. Get a good paid SEO tool. I reccommend Ahrefs, it is the fastest Webcrawler in the business. You can track your keywords and position movements daily along with backlinks and social shares.